Customized UV disinfection reactors for high flow rates

The enviolet generation of reactors for large-scale use for UV disinfection of flows in the range from 10 to 1000 m³ / h.

In addition to tank disinfection with Microfloat® and Microspear® as well as our MicroUV®-Basic UV reactor series, our MicroUV®-NT reactors represent another pillar of our product range for UV disinfection.
These reactors for the elimination of microorganisms are made of stainless steel according to your specific requirements and can be equipped with a whole range of accessories (such as the Rotaclean®).
The abrasive effect of the rotating flow cleans the reactor continuously and can be perfected by combining it with the Rotaclean® mechanical cleaning device. The Extension series consists of large reactors that are only made of stainless steel (different qualities) and are also used for process media with poor UV transparency.

Information on the theoretical background of the elimination of microorganisms and the reactor design can be found in the section 'Theory of UV disinfection reactors' on our website!

The entire technical equipment is designed for the special customer requirement in order to find a suitable solution for you!

MicroUV®-NT - Types and Data

Type max. Flow m³/h In-/ Outlet DN TL - Total Length in mm RL - Reactor Length in mm DIO Distance In-Outlet in mm RH Height in mm RD Diameter in mm
MicroUV®-NT70 72 100 1860 1515 1250 405 273
MicroUV®-NT140 144 150 1860 1515 1200 455 318
MicroUV®-NT210 216 200 1860 1515 1150 455 318
MicroUV®-NT280 288 250 1860 1515 1100 455 318
MicroUV®-NT350 359 300 2400 1950 1400 590 406
MicroUV®-NT420 431 300 2400 1950 1400 590 406
MicroUV®-NT500 503 350 2400 1950 1400 590 406
MicroUV®-NT570 575 350 2400 1950 1400 590 406

Base parameters of Table: UV-Dose = 400 J/m2 at SAC = 1.32/m; ˜ T10mm = 97% at the end of lamp-life (EOL).

In this table, one can see all kinds of data about the reactor with respect to the specifications.

The Rotaclean® shows a working range from 50% - 100% of the max. flow. For volume rates below 50% the cleaning effect is lower.

What data do we need for reactor design?

1. Flow through the reactor in m³ / h
2. Sample (50mL) or description of the medium to be treated
    (e.g .: DI water, process water, rainwater, ...)
3. Temperature of the medium to be treated

Send this data to your contact person or to: info(at)enviolet(dot)com.

We will then send you an offer immediately.