The Oxidation Company

Advanced Oxidation for industrial processes

Company Philosophy

Our globally implemented corporate philosophy is focused on meeting future business challenges and satisfying even the most demanding requirements of our customers. Key to this mission is creating subsidiary factories with capacities, which are customized to the needs of the local market on the one hand, but in line with the affiliated company's technology, processes and values on the other. Our corporate philosophy is further defined in its mission statement, which is well-known to all our employees worldwide.

  • Above all, health and safety are first
  • Provide the best UV-reactors and engineering available worldwide 
  • Play a leading role in new technologies and innovation 
  • Prioritize the customer's satisfaction 
  • Create advanced oxidation technology 
  • Prove world class manufacturing 
  • Exhibit quality and commitment 
  • Make environmentally sustainable decisions 
  • Show respect towards others 
  • Take pleasure in the work you do 

Safety at Enviolet

enviolet is strongly committed to the safety of our customers. To us, it is important that our employees share this view and that they contribute by being dedicated, competent and responsible in their actions to continuously improve the safety of working practices. 

This responsibility particularly falls into the hands of those employees whose main responsibilities comprise safety issues such as project engineers, safety technicians and safety officers.  They have to take all the necessary precautions to ensure a high level of safety within the factory premises and the immediate vicinity. 
If an unexpected accident does occur, despite our safety measures, then enviolet is well equipped to deal with such an event. As a result of regular training and exercises our staff knows precisely how to act in the event of an accident in our workshop or at our customers' premises.  In the case of a major accident, we have developed an emergency response plan which will facilitate cooperation between all relevant authorities and ensure that the best approach is taken to protect our customers, staff, neighbors and the environment