Recovery of Precious Metals

Precious metals (platinum, palladium, osmium, rhodium, gold) are present in several types of waste water. Usually, they are present in a form that is not directly suitable for recovery. enviolet has developed a three stage process, which transforms the metal compounds via UV oxidation treatment into a recoverable form. In two subsequent steps, the metal is recovered by electrowinning followed by an ion-exchange process. After these steps, 99.9 % of the precious metals become recuperable. Typically, precious metal recycling is applied in mines, refineries and all metal finishing industries.

Pd-Recycling of Catalysts

To recover valuable palladium enviolet GmbH has developed a UV process which can handle all activator systems.
During this process, palladium is transformed by a UV oxidation treatment into a form which enables Pd-recovery through an ion-exchange process.

In the subsequent step the palladium will be attached to a special ion-exchange resin. This enables 99.9 % of the palladium to be recuperated.
The plant will usually have returned the worth of its investment within 6 months and then start to create profit from the smelter.