The Oxidation Company

Advanced Oxidation for industrial processes


We use the energy of ultraviolet light to remove contamination from waste waters, to degrade pollutants in aqueous solutions, to disinfect contaminated waters or to process organic materials by synthetic photochemistry.

To do this, we design and construct robust UV reactors and technical systems, which are constantly redefining industrial standards.

Enviolet® - UV oxidation for the highest requirements

Microfloat® - UV disinfection of closed tanks

Microspear® - UV disinfection of open tanks and machinery

MicroUV® - UV disinfection in through-flow reactors 
 1. MicroUV® NT for flow rates up to 1000 m³/h 
 2. MicroUV® Basic low-cost UV reactor up to 20 m³/h 

AOP Advanced Oxidation Processes - oxidation processes optimized for the related application, e.g. Cyanomat® for the oxidation of Cyanide

Microcip - Chemical products for the best combination with UV disinfection

Laboclean - UV reactors for the laboratory, research and development (R&D)