Laboratory services

Successful process control for AOP plants

Online-Support & Remote Access

Optimal system performance thanks to the AOP support manager

Our enviolet AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) systems are state-of-the-art in terms of networking.
Using the AOP Support Manager, enviolet offers extended support and remote access to your UV system for UV oxidation.

Thanks to the AOP support manager, enviolet is able to support you in the operation of your photo-oxidation system:
   - Export of system data by the customer for documentation
   - Online support
   - process optimization
   - Troubleshooting
   - Operational support in the event of illness or vacation of operating personnel
   - software updates

We are constantly developing new ways and new functions to make the operation of our oxidation systems as convenient and intuitive as possible.
The AOP Support Manager is an important building block on the way to Industry 4.0!