The Oxidation Company

Advanced Oxidation for industrial processes

Our Quality

Regardless of whether you are treating waste water to eliminate microorganisms or organic contamination, to disinfect potable water or to treat other process solutions, the equipment will always have to be reliable and user-friendly. This is why we at enviolet strongly value the quality of our products and our customer service. It begins with the selection of proper materials continues throughout the entire R & D and production process and ends with the certification to meet international standards.

High Quality Materials for Durability

Our materials are selected according to particular rules: We only utilize materials and components that meet market standards and, when required, also meet the standards of certified laboratories, e.g. DVGW, VDMA, VDE and UL. Furthermore, we have set our very own high standards: The materials put to use must not only resist the constant contact with water and other highly corrosive chemicals, but also intense UV light, oxidizing agents and reactive intermediate constituents which may potentially wear them out . We design and manufacture many components ourselves to guarantee this high quality standard. This makes us a rare UV system manufacturer, who produces their own UV lamps for selected products and uses borosilicate glass to construct UV reactors for industrial applications.

Quality from the beginning

Quality Control

In addition to material quality standards, we also have a high quality standard in all departments. Our quality management system is constantly updated with the current international norms. In a continuous improvement process (CIP, Kaizen), production and product quality are constantly surveilled and optimized. A closed loop ERP (Enterprise-Resource-Planning) system provides a guarantee to both the customer and our company that our products are always performing reliably. Thus, all our products are 100 % factory tested permanently.