Laboratory services

Successful process control for AOP plants

FAT - Factory Acceptance Test

Our service to prepare the hot comissioning of a UV-Oxidation unit!

In the course of a project, we offer the joint implementation of a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of an enviolet UV-oxidation plant in our factory together with the customer.

During the FAT a review and documentation of the correct mechanical,instrumental and electrical configuration and functionality
of the Advanced Photo-Oxidation (AOP) unit is done at the Enviolet workshop:

   - Review of complete documentation
   - Control of the unit (according to 3D-drawing and P&ID)
   - Water test of the photo-oxidation-unit
   - Functional control of UV-reactors, PLC and all peripheral components according to FAT protocol
   - Checklist with last adaptation wishes of the plant for UV oxidation or photochemical synthesis
   - Customer training (plant operation) of the UV oxidation unit
   - Release for dispatch of the AOP system after successful completion of the FAT by the customer

The AOP system will be shipped to the customer for final assembly upon successful completion of the FAT.