Ecofriendly Production of UV Reactors

At enviolet, the new age of energy already began in 2012: with the installment of a modern photovoltaic unit and a block heat power plant for electricity and heat. In doing so, enviolet actively supports sustainable production minimizing its CO2 emissions by tons. Both systems supply more than 50% of the maximum possible energy consumption of our enviolet factory.

At enviolet, we don't consider environmental sustainability as a marketing strategy, but as a working reality. 

Already in 1998, we introduced our own system of recycling spent UV modules and now we have gone a further step towards the environmentally friendly manufacturing of products to protect the environment.

Finally, we'd like to remark that you as a customer are also supporting environmental production when deciding for our UV oxidation, AOP or recycling products.

Enviolet as producer of AOP-plants

Enviolet produces units and plants primarily in its own facilities.

Smaller units are wholly manufactured in our factory, while for bigger plants, the central components are manufactured at our site and completed at our customer's site.