FAQ on Enviolet Metal Recovery

What is the difference between the enviolet-palladium-recovery and other processes?
Palladium activator systems are usually based on colloidal Pd/SnCl2 or ionic PdCl2/SnCl2 bath formulations. Through UV oxidation we first crack the solution and then get a much better recovery-rate and efficiency. This improves the reliability and the return on investment significantly. 

Is electrowining not always the first choice for palladium recovery?
No, not all activator systems can instantly be recovered by electrowining. The UV oxidation process ensures that the palladium is in a form that can either be recovered by electrowining or by ion exchange. Our selective ion exchange resin ESPD offers our customers the best recovery-rate-efficiency ratio.

What is the return on investment for a palladium recovery system?
Depending on the installation and palladium feed concentration, we usually achieve a yield of the investment within 4 and 7 months.

Does the enviolet system also work for diluted solutions like rinse water?
Yes, our system performs very well even in rinse waters with low concentration. Depending on the type of activator bath, a pre-UV oxidation might be necessary to make sure all the palladium is turned into ionic form and the tin is in oxidation state 4+.