Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

Treatment of VOC in Waste Gas by UV Oxidation

VOC (Volatile Organic Carbon) can efficiently be treated by means of UV oxidation. Two different concepts can be applied:

- Reaction scrubbers with integrated UV oxidation

- Scrubber and UV reactor are separated

The choice depends on various parameters and also the legal limits in the washing water.

The process is always based on an increase of the hydrophilic character of the organics by the UV oxidation. As OH-, O= and HOOC- groups are added to the VOC, water solubility increases due to the UV treatment and the modified VOC can be scrubbed with washing water.

Same type of reactions are also happening with H2S and mercaptenes, as there sulfate and R-SO3H (organic sulfonates) formed as products of reaction.

After successful gas washing, a further oxidation by UV or AOP, depending on additional requirements, can be processed if required.

The advantages are evident:

- compact technology

- simple in terms of automation

- sterile system as bio-fouling is blocked by UV irradiation

- easy maintenance