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UV Module

We will do your recycling for you!

You can send your used UV module back to us. We will dismantle the module and reuse  all but the worn out components to build a module that is as good as new. This service is cheaper than buying a similarly new module, due to the fact that we subtract the costs of the parts that are not damaged and we can recycle. By not buying a new module, up to 25 % of the costs can be saved. No risks are included on your part, as you will receive the same guarantee from us for this practically new module as for an actually new one.


  • New module: all parts are new, including rinsing with oxygen, nitrogen and the identity card of the high performance lamp for the RECO. The price is that of a new module.
  • Recycling module: is a module with a lamp, which reached the end of its endurance and which we can remake with the same performance as a new one, but at a reduced price. You get your cleaned module back with a new lamp and identification card.
  • Upgraded UV module: If damages occur during transport from the customer to our recycling service, we have to upgrade the parts which were damaged. Damaged parts are renewed, in the worst case the customer will have to purchase a new module. But if transportation was insured and the customer had sent it to us in the original enviolet packaging, the insurance will cover the damage.
  • UV module package: we pack our modules in special materials, which can mostly be reused. This package will be invoiced when the module is shipped the first time. It has a certificate of our insurance which is accepted by every other insurance, thus avoiding disputes about insufficient packing, in the case of breakage.

Hereby, we work compliant with Lansinks’ ladder (Waste framework European directive 2008/98/EC of 19 November 2008), which has been put into effect end of 2010 in all European countries.