Preparative photochemistry

UV reactors for photochemical synthesis processes

Photochemical Synthesis

State-of-the-art photochemical synthesis

We supply many manufacturers of high-quality organic compounds with UV systems for the realisation of photochemical steps in organic synthesis. In this process, e.g. vitamins, hormones, fragrances and other valuable components are produced by synthesis with light (preparative photochemistry). Our Synviolet® reactors are usually used for these applications.

Photochemical synthesis has the advantage that often complex synthesis steps can be shortened, resulting in high yields and high purity. In many preparative photo-reactions, the high purity comes from the moderate reaction conditions, as thermal side reactions are suppressed. Photochemistry offers the possibility to perform many reactions at very low media temperatures; it is not uncommon for preparations to be photochemically produced at temperatures far below freezing temperature.
For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot advertise these products about the services provided. However, you will soon discover that enviolet GmbH will be your partner of choice for preparative photochemistry as well.
Executed plants with Synviolet® reactors for preparative photochemistry:

  • Woodward-Hoffmann / Paternò-Büchi reaction
  • Photochlorination
  • Sulfochlorination
  • Photonitrosation
  • Photoaddition
  • Photobromination
  • Photopolymerisation
  • Photodimerisation
  • Ring-chain valence isomerisation
  • End-selective sulphonation

For the treatment of wastewater streams generated during production, especially in the pharmaceutical sector for the degradation of individual substances such as hormones, we develop and produce plants for Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) for efficient and environmentally friendly treatment.

Synviolet® - Reactor Systems

ATEX-certified UV reactors for preparative photochemistry

Since 2013, Enviolet has had the Synviolet® light reactor for photochemical synthesis with ATEX approval. The Synviolet reactor is suitable for operation with solvents as well as for operation in ATEX areas. The Synviolet® series is a modularly developed photoreactor, which is composed of assemblies and therefore allows almost unlimited choice of materials and material combinations. This includes in particular the reactor shell (quartz glass or stainless steels in various qualities) as well as the sealing materials (a wide variety of polymers). It is even possible to combine a glass body with foreheads made of stainless steel. If necessary, each of the seals can be pressurised with a high pressure sealing medium. This makes food applications as well as applications in the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology possible. The geometry and number of annular gaps in the UV reactor can also be adapted to the specific application and the synthesis process. Additional ring gaps allow a lot of freedom for controlling photochemical processes (cooling, filter media, safety functions, etc.) For ideal homogeneous mixing of the photoreactor for synthesis applications, the integration of a hydrodynamically driven Rotaclean® unit into the Synviolet series for preparative photochemistry is possible.

The Synviolet® synthesis reactor is optimised through many years of experience for user and environmentally friendly operation with reduced maintenance:

  • The replacement of the UV lamp/UV module in Synviolet® reactors in photochemistry applications is possible manually. There is no need for the use of hoists.
  • The Rotaclean® unit permanently cleans the quartz glass used in the photoreactor and keeps it completely transparent for longer.
  • The enviolet service for module recycling enables environmentally friendly wear part handling and reduced costs for the user

The synthesis reactor is suitable for use in high-pressure synthesis as well as in high-pressure oxidation.

A broad experience not only with the photoreactors, but also with the necessary supplementary measuring, control, process and separation technology through many realised plants put us in a position to offer you a worldwide unique service:

Customised turnkey photosynthesis directly from the plant manufacturer.

Photochemical synthesis of a new primer for electrical insulation

Case example for a company from the Elantas Group

For a company from the Elantas Group, a new type of primer is produced using photodimerization. To this end, Enviolet and the customer carried out laboratory testing in Synviolet miniaturized systems in order to determine the optimum conditions for photochemical synthesis for best product quality.

Based on these results, we delivered an ATEX photo-preparative plant with industrial Synviolet reactors to convert the raw material by synthetic photochemistry into a highly functional organic molecule. The system perfectly matches to all reaction conditions and, in order to optimize the product quality, also takes on the steps of separating the finished product during the ongoing photochemical synthesis as well as recovering and cleaning the solvent for next batches.

This customer has so far been the only one who has signaled their willingness to be available as a reference for our technology to an extent that has to be checked. Details on chemistry and information about the product are understandably excluded. You are welcome to contact us.