Elimination of Active Substances

UV-oxidation, Photo-oxidation, Photo-Fenton or Photo-combined processes for selectice degradation.

With our processes, we can selectively destroy active substances (e.g. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharmaceutically Active Compounds) dependant of the matrix. These substances can be toxic or undesired for various reasons.

The elimination of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds (PhAPs) have to be removed now in many countries below PNEC.

Enviolet UV-oxidation is very suitable and approved for elimination of Pharmaceutically Active Compounds.

We have already treated solutions containing the following substances:

  • cyanides or organo-cyanides
  • aromatics, like benzene, phenol, toluene, PAH, biphenyl, and substitued products of these compounds
  • aminopolycarboxylates, like EDTA, DTPA, ...
  • phosphonates, herbizides on the base of phosphonates
  • active pharmaceutical substances (API) like hormones, cytostatics, atibiotics, ...
  • heterocyclics, like 1,4-dioxan, tetrahydrothiophene, ...
  • complex Structures, like pantopranzol, urapidil, ...

Usually, the wastewater will be bioavailable after the uv-oxidation, or the bioavailability will at the least be strongly increased, or toxicity removed by photo-oxidation of toxic structures.