The UV disinfection reactor with the price advantage!

The MicroUV®-Basic reactors were developed for the reliable elimination of microorganisms with low demands on the choice of materials and are manufactured in series production for flow rates from 2 to 50 m³/h.

In addition to UVC tank disinfection with Microfloat® and Microspear® as well as our UV reactor series MicroUV®-NT, our MicroUV®-Basic reactors represent an important component of our product range for UV disinfection. The abrasive effect of the rotational flow continuously cleans the reactor and can be perfected by combining it with the Rotaclean® mechanical cleaning device.
The mixing produced by a Rotaclean® is also an important advantage to ensure reliable disinfection of the medium to be disinfected.
Microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, etc.) are reliably eliminated by UV radiation and the build-up of biomass in the overall system is suppressed.
The Basic series is designed as a low-cost product in PP (polypropylene) and is therefore available in the cold water range up to 6 bar and in the hot water range only up to 4 bar pressure resistance.

Information about the theoretical background of the elimination of microorganisms and the reactor design can be found in the section 'Theory of UV disinfection reactors' on our homepage!

These are UV disinfection reactors designed to cover price-sensitive market segments.
The technical equipment can be designed to specific customer requirements to find a solution that suits you!

MicroUV®-BASIC types and data

Type max. Flow m³/h SAC in 1/m DN TL DIO RH RW RD A
MicroUV®-BASIC 5 1-5 10-1 25 1200 730 305 200 140 85
MicroUV®-BASIC 10 5-16 511 40 1840 1400 305 200 140 85
MicroUV®-BASIC 20 10-27 31-1 65 1840 1380 375 270 200 120
MicroUV®-BASIC 40 15-54 15-1 80 1840 1380 425 320 250 160

The table shows the flow range of the different UV reactors for various spectral water properties.
The Rotaclean® automatic cleaning device covers the range between 50% to 100% of the maximum flow-rate; the cleaning efficiency of the Rotaclean® at flow rates below 50% is poor.