The Oxidation Company

Advanced Oxidation for industrial processes


25 years applied chemsitry of light for advanced oxidation and preparative photo-chemistry

enviolet GmbH was founded by Dr. Martin Sörensen and Jürgen Weckenmann in May 2012 as a spin-off from a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH and took over the operative business with end customers for high grade applications, like advanced oxidation, preparative photo-chemistry and UV-disinfection. a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH itself was founded in 1997 by Dr. Martin Sörensen and Jürgen Weckenmann. The company's goal was, and still is today, to design and build high-performance industrial UV reactors. After the first year in business, UV reactors combined with other processes were implemented for pleased customers. However, even after this immediate success, it was still not easy for these two entrepreneurs to overcome the skepticism of many potential customers regarding UV technology in advanced oxidation processes. Too many other UV manufacturers had made false promises of good UV solutions, and thus damaged the market of UV technology. Then however, an English investor (3i Venture Capitol) joined the team by investing in the R & D department and company growth. Ten years later the investor left the company again according to the established business plan. At this point, a.c.k. aqua concept was an accomplished enterprise with many rewarding installations at very respectful companies, such as Airbus, BASF, Tata Steel, etc. Of course, we are constantly exploring new applications with new ideas and therefore gaining substantial recognition worldwide. 

Since April 2012 we have been producing in our newly built production facilities designed to fit the exact demands of our business, and have been expanded 2016 and 2018, including:

approx. 570 m² for project management, administration, laboratory and clean-room production

approx. 1200 m² for product manufacturing with a height of 8m and gantry cranes and storage on two levels

approx. 50% of our energy is produced by our own cogeneration unit and PV

After moving into the new facilities, a.c.k aqua concept was split into two independently operating companies, which were organized in parallel, namely  enviolet GmbH and a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH. The operative business and the production in high grade applications was transferred from a.c.k. aqua concept GmbH to enviolet GmbH on the 1st of January, 2013.

Enviolet Environmental Technologies Ltd. is our company in China.