Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

Wastewater treatment in biotechnological production

Treatment and inactivation of wastewater from biotechnology, e.g. production of mRNA substances

We provide the targeted destruction or inactivation of undesirable chemical compounds contained in biotechnological wastewater using very economical Advanced Oxidation processes. For inactivation and oxidation in the wastewater of biotechnological manufacturers and for the degradation of intermediates in the wastewater of the chemical industry, we often use specifically designed wastewater AOPs in combination with other process steps (e.g. thermal inactivation, chemical inactivation, neutralisation, cooling, etc.).

Typical applications from the field of biotechnology in which waste water can be successfully treated with our Advanced Oxidation processes:

  • Wastewater containing biotechnologically active substances, such as mRNA, nucleotides, enzymes, DNA, mutagenic organics...
  •  Wastewater from production of raw materials like lipids
  •  Wastewater from vaccine production
  •  Wastewater with otherwise problematic or undesirable organic constituents of complex structures
     (COD degradation, increase in biodegradability)
  •  Wastewater with solubilisers / complexing agents, e.g. EDTA, Triton, ...

enviolet offers tailor-made processes and plants to ensure successful treatment of biotechnological wastewater. A major advantage of enviolet oxidation plants is the possibility to optimise treatment costs during operation by adapting the treatment intensity and the use of operating media to the concentrations, quantities or degradation targets of the respective biotechnological wastewater.