Laboratory UV reactors for research and development

UV reactors for photochemistry on a laboratory scale

As in plant engineering, we also supply you with UV laboratory systems for research and development in everything to do with UV oxidation, photo oxidation and preparative photo chemistry. We have proven standard systems such as the Laboclean, USY or USY + product series with extensive accessories in our program.

For special projects, we also tailor the laboratory UV system to measure for you.
We have implemented a number of special UV reactors for research projects on UV oxidation and UV disinfection in the homogeneous phase, as well as UV reactors for heterogeneous photochemistry in wastewater and in synthesis.

We would be happy to support you with our wide-ranging know-how, so that you have already set the right course for the successful implementation of your photographic system for an upcoming implementation on a large technical scale.

For the design of our enviolet systems for UV oxidation, we offer individualized feasibility studies and bring in our many years of experience to provide you with the best possible advice based on a sound design basis.


Custom photo-oxidation systems for the laboratory

UV laboratory systems for applications in photochemistry and wastewater treatment

For special applications in the areas of preparative photochemistry, UV oxidation (UV / H2O2) and generally for AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes), we deliver customized UV laboratory systems as individualized units.
Here we bring our broad know-how for the construction and applications of UV reactors in laboratory applications to bear and give you a lot of leeway with regard to:

- Radiation sources / UV lamps (spectrum, doping, power, filters, etc.)
- Reactors (layer thicknesses, geometries, Rotaclean for mixing, etc.)
- Materials (glasses, pipes, sealing materials, etc.)
- Accessories (pumps, tanks, cooling, control)
- Safety functions (Leak trays, sensors, etc.)

We would be happy to advise you if you are interested!