Photochemical Synthesis

We supply many producers of premium organic compounds with UV installations which implement cold synthesis of organics in preparative photochemistry.

Through this process substances, such as vitamins, hormones, perfumes and other valuable components are synthesized with light in Synviolet® reactors.
The advantage, when using photochemical synthesis, is that tedious steps of the synthesis can be shortened, which keeps both the yield and the purity high. The high purity in many of the preparative photoreactions is due to the moderate temperature of the reaction conditions, which suppresses thermic side reactions. Photochemistry offers the possibility to carry out reactions at a very low medium temperature; the compounds are often produced at several degrees below zero.

For confidential reasons, we are not allowed to promote our products with the applications of past customers.


However, you will quickly see that enviolet GmbH is your partner of choice in this field of application.

Executed units: Woodward-Hoffmann, photochlorination, sulfochlorination, photonitration, photoaddition, photobromination, photo-polymerisation, photodimerisation ring-chain-valency isomeration, endselective sulfonation.

ATEX-certified UV-reactor for preparative photochemistry

Since 2013, enviolet owns a UV reactor with an ATEX certification for photochemical synthesis: Synviolet®
This light-reactor is suitable for both working with solvents and in ATEX-areas.
Stainless steel tank, which is made up of many individual parts and thus permits a nearly infinite choice of materials and combinations of materials. One can even merge a body of glass with turning heads made of stainless steel.
Exchanging the UV lamp/ UV module is possible by hand without the use of winches at Synviolet®.
Every seal can be applied with a buffer of high pressure. This enables applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry as well as technical medicine.
Furthermore, the reactor can be used for high-pressure synthesis as well as high-pressure oxidation.
Synviolet® may also be equipped with hydrodynamically powered, rotating cleaning system.


Design and construction of plants for photochemical synthesis

There are a lot of important aspects regarding the synthesis with a UV lamp as the  radiation source (photosynthesis).

First we have to find the right UV source (wave length, lifetime…) to induce the desired (photo-) reaction.

Different (UV) lamps may be considered, e.g.:

  • Low pressure lamps (conventional or high performance construction)
  • Mercury medium pressure lamps
  • Alloy lamps
  • LED lamps
  • Sodium vapor lamps
  • Xenon lamps
  • Noble gas lamps
  • Excimer lamps

Most of the UV lamps can be put into special forms if required.

In almost all cases the choice of the proper lamp is a crucial step of many essential ones, for a successful synthesis.

The installation requirements are quite complex, due to the fact that the greater part of the synthesis is performed in a non-aqueous and often inflammable solution (ATEX), especially when trying to include the advantages (higher conversion, higher purity and higher selectivity) of the photoreaction in an optimal way. In this case the product that we have to synthesize is the most important element of the installation built around the UV-lamp.

Only a photosynthesis installation with these integrating features will lead to a commercially synthesized product.

We have the know-how of photo chemical reactors such as:

  • Batch photo reactors
  • Schlaufenfotoreaktoren (Counter flow reactor)
  • By-pass photo reactors
  • Fall film photo reactors
  • Rayonet reactors
  • Flatbed photo reactors
  • Photo pressure reactors
  • Micro photo reactors
  • ...

But not only these, enviolet also has experience with the necessary measuring, regulating, process and separation technique, complementary to the photo reactors.

We have gained all this know-how during the realization of numerous installations. These skills enable us to provide you with a service that is one of a kind worldwide.

The customized „turn-key-photosynthesis“, straight from the system developer!