Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

TSAA - Tartaric Sulfuric Acid Anodizing

Enviolet and a.c.k. aqua concept already in 2004 started working out technical solutions around TSAA (Tartaric - Sulfuric Acid Anodizing) for aircraft industry.

Our application are:

- Stabilizing/ sanitation of rinse water to prevent microbial growth without corrosive additives (Disinfection in Place, DIP).
- Stabilizing of TSAA-electrolyte (especially elimination of spores).
- Optimized cooling of the electrolyte with simultaneous prevention of microbial problems (DC with in-situ-UV/ DIP).
- Elimination of chelates and COD in waste water and from electrolyte polishing (UV-oxidation, Photo-oxidation).
- Optimizing of electrolyte polishing (Al-Concentration) and controlling the anodizing performance of the TSAA electrolyte.
- Getting data for balancing material transportation/ drag-out/ drag-in along TSAA plating process.

First technical solutions were realized 2006 with Airbus in Bremen (Germany). Today Enviolet systems are working on more than 70 industrial locations with TSAA-processes for securing reliable and efficient anodizing of alumina for aircraft industry. Our photo "TSAA - Simulation line for R&D" is a remake of our equipment we started with in 2004 to understand demand and technology around TSAA and getting a solid knowledge on the process and all related parameters for process reliability and design data.

DIP - UV-disinfection in place

A well designed UV-Desinfection perfectly applied into a TSAA process results in a reliable process!