The Oxidation Company

Advanced Oxidation for industrial processes

The UV Company

We manufacture at three locations: Karlsruhe, Witzenhausen and Changsha

We apply the energy of ultraviolet light (UV) to purify contaminated process solutions, to degrade pollutants in waste water, to disinfect aqueous solutions and to selective organic synthesis.
For these applications, we build robust UV reactors and complete UV systems that constantly redefine today’s industrial standard in UV technology.

enviolet is more than just a supplier, we solve problems – try us!

enviolet has been installing tailor-made industrial AOP plants to service specific client requirements since 1997; now, with more the 600 AOP plants in operation worldwide, enviolet can rightfully claim to be the world leader in AOP technology applications. Our core industrial applications are used for heavy duty industrial applications in pharmaceutical, surface, chemical, aircraft and automotive industry as well as waste disposal. 
Concerning global research, enviolet has developed AOP applications; we pride ourselves in our ability to present first-class references from all over the world. It is our ethos to provide the client with the best combination of technology, product, performance and operating costs to meet the client's required specifications.
To do this, enviolet will first define the specific treatment requirements together with the client. enviolet's profound understanding of AOP combined with our extensive database of thousands of feasibility studies allows us to confidently and competently design specific treatment processes and precisely define investment and operation costs. Through our experience and our development laboratory equipped with specially designed lab-reactors enviolet can efficiently deduct from individual results to an industrial scale. enviolet can also employ rental site pilot plants to provide the client with a confirmation of the effectiveness and operational cost of treatment to support the client's investment decision.
Then enviolet will go through another run of defining the treatment together with the client. Following this, enviolet will choose a suitable process which can include total oxidation, partial degradation to reduce costs or selectively destruct active substances. enviolet will design the best treatment for the client which may require a combination with additional processes or incorporating the treatment into already existing processes at the client's site. The range of application can be anything from few mg/l of COD up to more than 100,000mg/l COD.

We are the UV-AOP-company!

The enviolet GmbH has been producing high quality units since April 2012 in a new manufacturing site specially developed to supply the best and highly reliable products. 2016 we already have realized our first expansion of our site in Karlsruhe:

approx. 570 m² for project management, administration, laboratory and clean-room

approx. 1200 m² for production

approx. 50% of our energy is produced by our cogeneration unit and PV

This enables us to be more efficient while optimizing our services and protecting the environment already at the first stage of the manufacturing of your installation.

Advanced Oxidation Treatment Pants - one of our products

We are proud about the performance and solution of pollution our AOP-plants do all days!