Microspear® - UV-disinfection for open tanks and machinery

Microspear® is applied in open rinses and tanks used to disinfect the water and to disinfect of machinery and parts.

The application usually is designed in cooperation with enviolet to get the best results. In doing so, we may prevent carrying problems into subsequent steps of the process.

Also, this will improve the functioning of the machinery as germs will not impair parts of the machinery such as pumping stations, storage tanks or plating equipment.

The best applications are to be found in rinsing processes and in the hygienic storage of water and aqueous solutions. 

Technial Data Microspear® UV-Systems

Type Length Diameter
15 345 mm 32 mm
40 960 mm 32 mm
120 960 mm 32 mm

All Microspear® UV-units are supplied along with a well-designed electrical cabinet and the appropriate cable length.


Which data do we need to provide a quote for a well-designed system?

1. Tank dimensions: LxWxH or DxH in m

2. Filling volume in m³

3. Flow in m³/h

4. Water sample (50mL) or description of the water (e.g.: DI-Water, recycled water, rain water, ...)

5. Construction material (tank)

6. Temperature of the medium

Please send this data to your contact person or to: info(at)enviolet(dot)com .

We will then get in touch to give you a quote of a well-designed system.