Disinfection of Cooling Towers

The disinfection and stabilization of cooling towers by UV disinfection can easily be made possible with the correct integration and chemical adjustments to the given conditions.

Our solutions, "in-situ UV disinfection" and "DIP" (Disinfection In Place), make it a safe and reliable process. Not only this reliability, but also low pricing are amongst the advantages of this application:

- low running costs (less chemicals, less surveillance necessary)

- less maintenance requirements due to the smaller use of chemicals

- better water quality (often one gets clear water, no AOX, very low CFU)

- the good water quality by using our concept of UV-disinfection for sanitation of cooling towers often enables draining by infiltration of rainwater, instead of an expensive treatment

We require the following information to integrate our UV disinfection for cooling towers into your unit:

1. measurements of the tub (LxWxH; height including water levels)
2. water feed in m³/h
3. circulation rate in m³/h
4a. rough evaporation in m³/h
4b. cooling power in KW or MW
5. thickening of the water
6. 50 mL water sample taken from cooling tower
7. 2-3 photos of the unit in its original state.

Please send this information to: cg(at)enviolet(dot)com or your known contact person. Please mark the sample clearly using the sample code that we will provide you with.

Background, basics and important information for UV-disinfection of industrial cooling towers is summarizes in a publication ready for download here.

UV-Disinfection of cooling towers (publication)

Technical publication: Disinfection of industrial cooling towers (Download as PDF)

This publication shows following:

- basic concept behind UV-disinfection of cooling towers

- water chemistry of UV-disinfection of cooling towers

- typical applications for UV-disinfection of cooling towers

- long time comparison of costs of UV-disinfection of cooling towers with other methods

Disinfection of Climatic Chambers and Air Humidifiers

Integrating UV disinfection of water and air into applications of climate technology is easy and can be done for example for climatic chambers, air humidifiers and air conditioners.


Your contact person for UV-disinfection of cooling towers:

If you are interested in UV-disinfection of cooling towers you should contact cg@enviolet.com!