Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)

COD - Elimination in UV units

Enviolet will realize your UV-oxidation unit for COD / TOC- reduction and simultaneously increase the bioavailability of the treated wastewater. We do this by UV oxidation in combination with various oxidants under varying conditions in efficient processes of photo-oxidation.

By irradiating the oxidant with UV light, reactive intermediates are formed. These intermediates will react very quickly with the COD.

When using hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant, the irradiation with UV-light will lead to a homolytic formation of OH radicals (Photo-homolysis):

                    H2O2 -UV-> 2 OH*

OH radicals react very quickly with any organic compound through hydrogen abstraction. Mineral products such as water, sulphate, etc. result as final products (further information regarding chemistry of uv-oxidation).

UV-lamps and UV-reactors need to have a special design for this advanced oxidation process (AOP), otherwise the photo-reaction will  quickly go into inhibition, as it turn out to end in a photo-polymerization. The enviolet UV-reactors are specially designed for highest efficiency of UV-oxidation and phtoto-oxidation in strongly absorbing aqueous solutions, and many wastewaters we treat look in the beginning of the UV-oxidation like Coffee or Latte Macchiato.

The photo-reaction proceeds until the UV oxidation is complete and then the next process steps can follow to conclude the whole advanced oxidation process (AOP). 

COD-elimination in batch treatment installations

Degradation of highly concentrated and recalcitrant COD

If COD in concentrated wastewater has to be lowered or specifically changed in chemical charcacter, we recommend the optimized batch UV system. This application is often found in very polluted side streams in manufacturing companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, surface technology, electronics, aerospace and textile industries. Often, the ingredients are not only highly concentrated, but also toxic or non-biodegradable. These are the best-case applications for Enviolet's advanced UV oxidation technology and processes.

Reduction of COD - Waste Water at High Volume Rates

A continuous treatment using UV-oxidation of higher volume rates raises several demands on UV-oxidation plants for a successfull photo-oxidation. Besides a high efficiency of the light-induced oxidation processes and low operational cost, the maximum space-time-yield of  our UV-reactors is a decisive criterion for photo-oxidation processes.