Rental- & Pilot-Units

For our clients we offer various rental UV units for bath recycling, interims solutions, pilot UV testing or temporary campaigns.

We can supply various types of UV installations:

  • UV reactors without PLC for a manual operation
  • manual UV units with all necessary accessories like UV reactor(s), tanks, metering and process pumps, coolers and piping
  • completely automatic AOP-pilot UV units mounted in sea containers or on steel racks

Feel free to contact us. Together we will find a professional solution and we can offer you the right UV unit for field tests, which can be individually fitted to your requirements.

Examples of rental AOP-units

Our newest Rental UV Reactor Installation

Our newest rental UV reactor system for UV oxidation to degrade COD, to eliminate API or chelates.

This rental UV system can be operated in batch-mode as well as in continuous flow (2-step cascade).


With this installation, we again have a pool of several fully functional rental UV installations for pilot test work and as interim solution for our customers.