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Here you find videos from Enviolet products!

From Plan to Plant - Design and construction stages of an enviolet Turn-Key AOP-plant

At a manufacturer of speciality chemicals an enviolet multi-stage AOP-unit is handling 280m³/day of high COD wastewater with an initial COD of 25-82g/L to achieve COD elimination, Detoxification, Increase of Biodegradability and complete Decolourization.

Enviolet-UV-Technology in operation at Henkel

At Henkel Maribor every day about 450 m³/d wastewater are treated to comply with the local regulations. Initial COD is about 20 g/L, and other ingredients like surfactants, fat, oil, grease, chelates (EDTA) and Zinc have to be removed.

Enviolet AOP for industrial application

The video shows the aprroach of enviolet to involve the customers demand from first contact to final acceptance to transparent realization. We develop your process, manufacture your installation and take care for the long-term operation.