Here you find photos from nearly all Enviolet products!

UV-Disinfection of Open and Closed Systems

Microfloat® and Microspear® are strong products and our assessories open nearly unlimited applicability.


Photos from Enviolet Equipments

Some impression from our equipments supplied.



Installations for Photooxidation with industrial use for various applications like COD-degradation, TOC-removal, API-destruction, API-decontamination, PhACs-destruction, increase of Bio-Availability and detoxification by UV-Oxidation.


Skid Mounted UV-Oxidation Units

For effectice production many units are prepabricated in our factory as skid-mounted units, and shiped on site for fast local complation, after complete testing. We do that for all our plant sized, if possible!


UV-Disinfection reactors

Examples on UV-disinfection reactors of different sizes and types.



Enviolet's Electrowinning for Waste to Profit