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Maintenance of UV plant 2017

A new year has started. Take advantage of this opportunity to arrange the maintenance of your UV plant.

As you are surely aware, a technically high-quality system can only perform reliable and without malfunctions if it is maintained on a regular basis. Irregular or missed maintenances can lead to more and more frequent problems.
This often results in unnecessary costs due to immediate need for action or operational failures, and usually appear in the most unlikely moments.

Prevention instead of unnecessary costs! Request your non-binding maintenance quotation today.

Furthermore, certified isolation testing must be carried out every 24 months for systems with high-voltage elements within the EU. Is this still up-to-date?

Your benefits if you arrange your maintenance as early as possible:

1. Your requested date might probably still be available
2. No stress at the end of the year
3. Higher probability of a smooth production operation during the current year

The Maintenance is always carried out by our trained and specialized staff according to the following criteria:

- regular maintenance of new units with respect to the warranty
- periodic isolation-test of high-voltage-installations
- inspection of units according to maintenance and service instruction
- report of service with recommended actions to sustain the installation
- change of UV module, UV lamps and/or recycling

In addition, a maintenance report is issued for each maintenance, which can be sent to you after the maintenance has been completed. This shows the current status of your UV system and points to any need for action that might be necessary.

Christine Hammes will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your maintenance quotation. (ch@enviolet.com  or +49 721 59 721-105)


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