• We realize your Ultraviolet Application and AOP

    We realize your Ultraviolet Application and AOP

    Enviolet is “the” market leader in UV-Oxidation (AOP) applications.

    We apply the energy of “ultraviolet light” for purification of contaminated process solutions, degradation of pollutants in wastewater, waste gas, disinfection of aqueous solutions and to realize selective organic synthesis.

    For these applications we build robust UV-reactors and complete systems that are redefining today’s industrial standard.

  • Modern uv-disinfection and in-situ sanitation concepts

    Modern uv-disinfection and in-situ sanitation concepts

    Integrated UV-disinfection 100% customized for best results and reliable production.

    Photo is showing disinfection of three step cascade rinse after TSAA-process with a chemical free and safe sanitation of rinses and recycling water. In-situ-UV-disinfection is completely designed in accordance to process-chemicals, drag-out, and dimensions of rinses; special properties warant continuous production and safe operation of the system.

    Well-engineered UV-disinfection von Enviolet ... more

  • Integrated online analytics

    Integrated online analytics

    Fully automatic units require more than PLC:

    Suitable online analytics perfectly integrated into the UV oxidation along with further elements such as the TOC analyzer, flow monitoring, etc. which continuously optimize the operation of the unit and bring it up to its highest performance level.

    Our customers can focus on their prior business, we just do preventive maintenance on our UV-plants, as all the rest is taken care of by instrumentation and our online support.

  • Worldwide first UV-Reactor for photochemical synthesis with ATEX-approval

    Worldwide first UV-Reactor for photochemical synthesis with ATEX-approval

    Since 2013 Enviolet can offer an Rreactor for photochemical synthesis with ATEX - approval. This reactor is approved as well for the operation with pure solvents as also for operation inside ATEX-areas.
    Each seal can be provided with a liquid medium for sealing at elevated pressure. Special applications in food and pharmacy can be processed now in a new and efficient way.
    The reactor can be used  for high pressure synthesis and also for high pressure oxidation.
    As further accessory this reactor can be equipped with a rotating device, driven by hydrodynamic forces for internal mixing or inline cleaning.

  • UV-Oxidation for Detoxification of Antibiotics

    UV-Oxidation for Detoxification of Antibiotics

    11 years long the worldwide biggest plant for antibiotics (Asia) looked for a solution for their waste water. Now an AOP of Enviolet solved this problem.

    The waste water entering the UV-installation is black like coffee and has an average COD of ca. 60.000 mg/L. After treatment all API and by-products are eliminated and toxicity is completely removed. A biological system polishes the waste water as final step to get best OPEX.

    This plant reduces the daily amount of antibiotics into the aquatic environment by 4.800 kg. The customer received an environmental award for this Enviolet-plant.

  • Containerized AOP-installations

    Containerized AOP-installations

    We are able to design AOP and UV-installations in very restricted spaces and install oxidation-equipment in containers, while respecting the safety rules.

    Many years of experience in the construction and manufacturing ensures that no compromises are made on the functionality and the long service life of suplied units.

    ... more

  • Turn-key AOP

    Turn-key AOP

    Many units starting in our application laboratory cannot be shown on one photo:

    - mostly complex

    - often compact to be designed

    - and always functionally and highy reliable.

  • Our Production Facilities

    Our Production Facilities

    Since April 2012 we are producing in new built production facilities specially designed for fabrication of AOP:

    ca. 570 m² for project management, administration, laboratory and clean-room production

    ca. 1200 m² for production

    ca. 50% our energy we are producing by cogeneration unit and PV     more ...

Technologie UltraViolette

Nos réacteurs d’oxydation redéfinissent l’état de la technique, parce qu’ils sont enfermés dans des tuyaux en verre de borosilicate, un matériau qui non seulement prévient la corrosion, mais qui permet aussi de regarder à l’intérieur du réacteur.

Notre système de régulation de puissance RECO permet de réguler l’irradiation avec une carte à puce. Il garantit un rendement optimal tout en prolongeant la durée de vie des lampes ultraviolettes à haute performance.

Stérilisation de réservoir

Enviolet est le seul producteur d’installations à lumière ultraviolette à fournir également des systèmes intelligents pour la stérilisation de cuves. Les systèmes Microfloat® et Microspear® peuvent être adaptés à des conteneurs de presque toutes les dimensions et géométries concevables, ainsi qu’à tous les débits.

Des installations prêtes à l’emploi

Sur la base de notre expérience, nous fournissons des installations prêtes à l’emploi de toutes les dimensions. Des premières ébauches à la mise en opération, nous avons des solutions sur mesure pour tous vos besoins en matière d’oxydation à la lumière ultraviolette.

Oxydation avec UV/AOP
Désinfection avec UV
Photochimie synthétique

Recherche et développement

Notre division R&D travaille sans cesse à perfectionner les processus et produits existants, ainsi qu’à développer des solutions nouvelles.

En faisant des tests sur vos échantillons dans des réacteurs à échelle réduite, nous pouvons vous assurer des résultats optimaux avec l’installation à grande échelle.