Increase of Bio-Availability

Photo-Oxidation is perfect for pretreatment of toxic and/or persistent waste waters. UV-Oxidation of toxic and persistent compounds leads usually to a waste water with good bio-availability. This offers the possibility to process the waste water in own company biology and avoids the high costs for external collection and processing. The best advantage is to combine Enviolet's AOP with the own already existing biological treatment plant  .

Most of these installations we have reliazed for chemical and pharaceutical industry.
Socalled strong wastewaters can be pre-treated in our photo-oxidation-plants, without increasing salt load, and pumped into the biological wastewater treatment plant.
Well known references are BASF (several units for pre-treatment), GSK (detoxification of e.g. Antibiotics).
In case of interest, please contact us: ms(at)