We destroy organic chelates for an easy precipitation of metals!

Advanced oxidation process for wastewater treatment of chelates

Our advanced oxidation processes eliminate organic chelates in wastewaters in a way that dissolved metals can be precipitated in the existing wastewater treatment process.

By this pretreatment new production-processes can be introduced by the client avoiding huge investments in the wastewater facility - the advanced oxidation is integrated into the existing structure.

Typical applications for this type of uv-aop are:

  • Electroless copper (bath and waste water) - EDTA, trartrate, ...
  • Electroless nickel (bath and waste water) - citrate, tartrate, lactate, ...
  • TSAA - waste water and bath - tartrate
  • Zinc-nickel-waste water and carbonate freezings - aminopolycarboxylate, EDTA, EDA, PETA, ...
  • Waste water containing phosphonates - polyphosphonates

The advanced oxidation process units can be designed as batch or continuous processes. The type of aop-process is chosen to be as economical as possible.

Applying "electroless nickel" not only enables the destruction of chelates but also oxidizes reduced phosphorous oxides like hypophosphite. 

Orthophosphite can be oxidized to phosphate as well, which can then easily be precipitated.

By doing so, advanced oxidation helps to respect legal limits of phosphate in wastewater.

Degradation of organic chelates