HP Oxidation

Oxidation under pressure

Oxidation under pressure

To complete the scope of our products, we also offer systems, which apply oxidation by raising the pressure and temperature. Such oxidation installations have much higher investment costs compared to UV oxidation, but have lower operational costs. An HP-AOP will usually become lucrative at a flow rate higher than 0,5 m³/h and COD above 70 g/L, requiring an oxidation rate of 90 - 95%.

Treatment of "Spent Caustic"

For spent caustic we have developed a new process, combining UV oxidation and pressure.

Treatment of "Spent Caustic" Waste Water

Within refineries, the corrosive and acetic components of cracking gases are washed out in a caustic scrubber (with 5% caustic solution). The generated spent caustic is one of the most problematic waste water streams within petrochemistry.
For spent caustic waste water, we have developed a combined process of pressure and UV oxidation. This process joins the advantages of low investment costs (CAPEX) from UV oxidation and the low operational costs (OPEX) from wet oxidation. 
The first industrial references have successfully been in operation at a flow range of 3 – 8 m3/h. We expect that several additional and even bigger installations will be put up within the next 2 years to treat spent caustic.